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Ready for her maiden voyage in spring 2010, Azura represents the latest, exciting development for P&O Cruises and is set to bring yet more luxury and choice to the fleet. Currently taking shape in the Monfalcone shipyard in Italy, she will be a stylish, sophisticated and culturally rich cruise ship.

Building upon P&O Cruises 170 years' worth of cruising heritage, we believe a relentless pursuit of perfection is the difference between meeting your expectations and surpassing them. Enabling us to offer you yet more choice, Azura will bring several unique innovations to the fleet.

Michelin-starred Atul Kochhar, known for adding an Indian twist to the fine dining experience, will be creating his own restaurant, 'Sindhu', on board. There’ll be an opportunity to watch films under the moonlit sky with our first giant cinema screen above Azura's Aqua Pool. Plus a secluded, open-air spa area, where you can enjoy luxurious treatments and stunning views at the same time. Add to this, imaginative children's areas, stylish bars, a two-tier theatre and an atrium complete with a beautiful, polished dance floor and you have a cruise ship with broad appeal. Azura will even feature the first single staterooms in our fleet, offering independent travellers more freedom than ever.


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