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Originally built for the United States agency NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), the USHUAIA has been refurbished to accommodate a maximum of 84 passengers in 41 comfortable twin cabins and suites. The ice-strengthened polar vessel USHUAIA is very well appointed and provides ample deck space and an open bridge policy. The full complement of inflatable landing craft ensures superb landings and wildlife viewing opportunities on the otherwise inaccessible coastline. Facilities FIVE DECKS - DINING ROOM (ONE OPEN SEATING) - OBSERVATION LOUNGE, BAR & LIBRARY - LECTURE ROOM - PANORAMA DECK - GIFT SHOP - INFIRMARY - CHANGING ROOM - ZODIACS
Length 84.73 m / 278.3 feet
Breadth 15.54 m / 51 feet
Draught 5.48 m / 18.08 feet
Gross Tonnage 2,963 tonnes
Speed (Max) 14 knots
Cruise Speed 12 knots
Passengers 84
Crew & staff 38
Zodiacs & RIBs 7
Electrical Outlets 110 V, 60 Hz
Yard American Shipbuilding, Toledo, Ohio
Date of Build 1970
Classification IRS Ice class 4
Flag Panama
Engine 2 ALCO 1600 HP each
Bow thrust 1x 500Kw


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