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Scandinavian built for the Russian Academy of Science, this ship was designed to travel quietly, during hydro-acoustic research. The ship is exceptionally stable, yet maneuverable. External stabilizers and a built-in trimming system provide exceptional stability. Akademik Sergey Vavilov has an ice-strengthened hull and a cruising speed in open water of 14.5 knots. 104 Guests. Cabins and Amenities * All cabins have exterior views * Cabins have either shared, semi-private or private facilities (See deck plan) * One dining room with unreserved seating. * Theatre-style presentation room. * Lounge and bar, open late afternoon and evening with a wide selection of wines and spirits. * Library with a collection of polar-themed books. * Ship-to-shore communications via satellite. * Clinic with licensed doctor. * Gym, sauna and swimming pool. * One elevator between passenger deck levels and to the Bridge level. Ship Specifications Staff & Crew: 53 Guests: 104 Lifeboats: 2, fully enclosed, capacity of 132 Length: 117.04m Breadth: 18.28 m Draft: 6.09m Propulsion: 5,000 KW diesel twin engine Ice Class: KM*L1(1)A2, Canadian Type B Cruising Speed: 14.5 knots in open water Registered: Russia


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