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Akademik Shokalskiy was originally designed and built in Finland for polar and oceanographic research. The ship is small, nimble, and ice-strengthened, capable of reaching the nooks and crannies of Antarctica that many larger ships cannot. The vessel is equipped with Zodiacs. On select departures, camping, kayaking, cross-country skiing and mountaineering adventure options are offered. 48 Guests. Cabins and Amenities * 26 outside cabins, all featuring private or shared facilities. * Two dining rooms with unreserved seating: buffet-style breakfast with table service; table-service lunch and dinner with main course choices, from a menu that changes daily; cakes served in mid-afternoon; coffee and tea available 24 hours from a self-serve station. * Newly-renovated presentation room. * Lounge and bar, open late afternoon and evening with a wide selection of wines and spirits. * Library with a collection of polar-themed books. * Ship-to-shore communications via satellite. * Clinic with licensed doctor. * Please note: there is no passenger elevator between decks. Ship Specifications Staff & Crew: 30 Guests: 48 Lifeboats: 2, fully enclosed, capacity of 80 Length: 65.9 m Breadth: 12.8 m Draft: 4.5 m Propulsion: 2 Diesel ME 3,076-horsepower engines Ice Class: AS Cruising Speed: 10 knots in open water Registered: Russia


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