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The ´Grigoriy Mikheev & Aleksey Maryshev´ are modern and comfortable research vessels of the Hydrographic Institute of St. Petersburg. Built in 1990 in Finland, and designed as ice-strengthened vessels, the ships are now under long-term contract by Oceanwide Expeditions. Converted in the Netherlands for passenger use, the vessels are ideally suited to expedition cruising. They have a range of 70 days independent operation and is ISM certified.
The vessels are strongly built of steel with an ice-strengthened hull (ice-strengthened from the bow until about 1/4 of the ships length), perfect for the polar seas. They have the Russian ice-class notation LU(1), which is identical with Lloyds Register 1D.
The 'Grigoriy Mikheev' and 'Aleksey Maryshev' are manned by an enthusiastic Russian crew of around 20, all highly experienced in ice navigation. Russian captains are recognised experts in polar navigation.
All our international expedition leaders and lecturers are highly knowledgeable, helpful and dedicated to the protection of the environment.
The ´Grigoriy Mikheev & Aleksey Maryshev´ have a large bridge (where you are almost always welcome) and good open deck-viewing areas. They carry a full complement of Zodiac craft, excellent for landings and wildlife viewing opportunities in otherwise in-accessible areas.
3-Star meals, prepared by international chefs, is served in the dining room, which also acts as the lecture room. Other public areas include a lounge and bar, small library, infirmary, and sauna.


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