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Island Cruises
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The first thing you'll notice about the Island Star is the space.
With broad decks, double-height public areas and roomy cabins you can always find a place to relax and enjoy your surroundings.
The Island Star, first welcomed British guests onboard in spring 2006.

The Island Star is perfectly equipped to offer a unique brand of relaxed and informal cruising in a stylish comfort.

Island Star facts

* Tonnage 46,811
* Length 208m
* Cruising speed 18 knots
* Passenger Decks 10
* Number of crew 573
* Passenger capacity 1,875
* Cabins 753
* Electric supply 110v

Lifts: 7

* Aqua to Platinum Deck 3 lifts Forward
* Bronze to Sapphire Deck 2 lifts Midship
* Bronze to Sun deck 2 lifts Aft


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