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Princess Jeannie, Princess Elaine and Princess Sheena were built in Germany in 1993. The ships are virtually identically designed, both inside and out, and tastefully appointed throughout.
This means you never have to worry about which cruiser you are booking. The ship is 129.15 meters long and 16 meters wide, with a gross tonnage of 5936T and a draft of 2.9 meters.
The ships have the largest capacities, the longest bodies, and the most stunning designs on the river.
Above all, the deluxe fleet and round-the-clock service are designed for your maximum comfort and security.
The three sister ships are the only European-built passenger ships cruising China's rivers. The only ALL 5-Star western managed Yangtze River cruise company. China Regal Cruises is also the only Yangtze River cruise company to be recognized with an award from Travel Weekly. The three RCC Princesses - Jeannie, Sheena & Elaine offers good quality services and events available for travelling the Three Gorges and other famous sights along the Yangtze River. There are 5 decks on the ship, in which the third, fourth and fifth are full outer decks.

Builders: Built in Germany in 1993 by Elbewerft Boizenberg GMBH
Rating Standard: 5 stars
Starting Service: May 1994
Length: 424 feet each vessel
Breadth: 52 feet each vessel
Speed: Upstream -- 22 knots
Downstream -- 30 knots
Tonnage : 5,963
Passenger Capacity : 268 each vessel
Passenger Decks : 4 and one sun deck
Staff : 150 each vessel
Features Of Vessel:
Very much stabilized; quiet operation; highest safety; standard Lateral-docking ability w/360-degree-turn bow thrusters Furnished full outer decks (3.4. & 5); German-standard water purification and sterilization Central Air Conditioning; Most advanced navigation equipment on the Yangtze.
Room: equipped with Radio,Satellite phone,Color TV-set,Mini Refrigerator,Internet Port,Mini Bar,Safe box,Shower,Hairdryer.;
First Floor(Upper Deck):Gym Room,Sauna,Massage Room;
Second Floor(Promenade Deck): Reception Desk,Business Center,Clinic,Card Room;
Third Floor(Bridge Deck): Dinning Room,Souvenir Shop;
Fourth Floor(Recreation Deck):Dinning Room,Cafe,Reading Room;
Fifth Floor(View Deck):Sun Deck,Ballroom,Card Room


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