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The cruise line second ship "easyCruise Life" will start cruising in April 2008. Following an extensive makeover during the winter months, you'll recognise the sleek easyCruise exterior plus the cool range of facilities you have come to expect from easyCruise.

pool restaurant
The pool restaurant and bar is a great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is situated on deck 6. Indoors or al fresco, the style will be cool and comfortable so it's a great place to enjoy cocktails, drinks and snacks or an informal meal anytime of the day or night. Late at night join the DJ who will be in action until the early hours. Here you'll find the best views, day and night, looking out over the stern of the ship!

easyCruise Life ship specifications

name: easyCruise Life
registered owner: easyCruise Life Ltd. 171, Old Bakery Street.
Valletta, Malta - Reg. No. C-42336
UK subsidiary:
ship manager: The management of the ship is contracted to
V Ships (Monaco)
registry (flag): Malta
built (place/year): Stocznia Szczecin Shipyard, Poland.
classification society: Lloyds Register
passenger capacity: 644 crew: 79
gross registered tons: 12,711
not registered tonnage: 4,291
displacement: 9914 overall length: 134,50 metres
cruising (service) speed: 15.5 knots maximum speed: 17.5 knots
cruising range: 5,500 nautic miles
number of decks: 9
number of cabins: Total: 250
suites: 21
superior cabins: 12
standard outside [2+2P]: 71
standard outside [2+1P]: 30
standard outside [2P]: 17
standard outside [3+1P]: 1
standard outside [1+1P]: 8
standard inside doubles: 90

the Spa & wellness zone
With relaxation and pampering in mind, the Spa offers unique face and body treatments that revive the senses and enable you to recover a total sense of well-being. Then you can develop a healthy glow in the sauna, work out in the gym or lie back and relax in our al fresco wellness zone (deck 7).


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