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Cruceros Australis
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Via Australis is one of Cruceros Australis expedition cruises that sails accross the Patagonian Channels.

Gross tonnage 2716 (GT)
Built 2005
Cabins 64 cabins, with private facilities, low beds and panoramic windows.
Decks 4 decks.
Lounges 2 lounges and one dining room.
Lenght 72.30 m, 236 ft.
Draft 3.30 m, 10.83 ft.
Breadth 13,4 m, 44 ft.

The Patagonia dining room provides a panoramic view and serves regional and international cuisine with Chilean and Argentinean wines. Main Dining Rooms 1
Sittings 1
Non Smoking Yes
Alternative Dining 0

Sports clothing for both women and men are the norm. Summer nights and sometimes during the days the Patagonia climate is cold. They recommend sweaters, jackets, pants and rain garments as well as gloves and a pair of sturdy shoes or boots for exploring.

Tips are at the discretion of the passenger. They suggest US$ 15 per night per passenger, to be deposited at the reception lounge on the last day of the cruise.


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