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Carrying a maximum of just 200 passengers she has a friendly and intimate atmosphere more akin to a private yacht than a quality cruise liner so you will soon get to know your fellow passengers, many of whom hail from European countries as well as other English speaking areas.
Yacht-Like Cruising

M.S. Royal Star is fully stabilised and air-conditioned throughout and is ideal for cruising the islands of the Indian Ocean, as she is able to cruise close to shores and visit intriguing ports often inaccessible to larger ships. More importantly, with so few passengers there is no danger of overwhelming the character and often delicate ecosystem of the islands we visit, thus preserving what one has travelled to experience. Conditions permitting, the bridge is often open to passengers whilst at sea, which typifies the informality and similarly, the dress code is casual most evenings, although there will be one or two occasions when gentlemen will be expected to wear a jacket and tie.
Exemplary Service

With a ship?s complement of 130 officers and crew you will be assured of a high standard of service at all times. The Filipino and Indonesian stewards are often praised for their friendly and obliging manner and the European cruise team will ensure that all your needs are catered for. We also have a doctor on board for your peace of mind and a laundry service. A small lift serves all decks except Caribbean and the forward sun deck.
Facts and Figures

Built: 1956
Displacement: 5,600 tonnes
Length: 120 metres
Width: 16 metres
Draught: 5.6 metres
Decks: 5
Speed: 16 knots (approx. 30 km/hr)
Stabilisers: Denny-Brown
Electro Hydraulic
Lifeboats: 6 with 432 seats
Life-rafts: 5 for 125 people
Tenders: 2 with 180 seats
Registered: Nassau, Bahamas
Crew: 137
Passengers: 200 (maximum capacity)
Cruise Director: European
Ships Officers: Greek
Service Staff: Indonesian/Filipino
Currency: Euros ?
Comm System: Satellite
Telephone: 00 871 330 934216
Fax: 00 871 330 934212

When not cruising M.S. Royal Star is berthed at Kilindini Port, Mombasa.


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