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Crociera Mania by Mania Team Net - Crociere Costa MSC Princess Carnival Celebrity - Princess cruise TAHITIAN PRINCESS to become OCEAN PRINCESS, renamed for new deployments
Princess cruise TAHITIAN PRINCESS to become OCEAN PRINCESS, renamed for new deployments
Princess cruise TAHITIAN PRINCESS to become OCEAN PRINCESS, renamed for new deploymentsTahitian Princess, one of the small ships in the Princess fleet, will be renamed in 2009, becoming Ocean Princess. The new name is intended to reflect the ship's new deployment on worldwide itineraries. The renaming will take place while the ship is out of service during a routine maintenance period in Singapore in November 2009.

During next year's fall season, Pacific Princess, another of the line's small vessels, will provide cruises from Papeete, Tahiti, where the Tahitian Princess has been based.

"Tahitian Princess, along with our other two small ships, has developed a loyal following of passengers who enjoy a more intimate cruise experience, and also the opportunity to visit some off-the-beaten-path destinations," said Jan Swartz, Princess' senior vice president of customer service and sales. "As this ship is now sailing on itineraries around the world, we felt its name should reflect a more global theme."

Tahitian Princess joined the Princess fleet in 2002, and has been primarily deployed on sailings in the South Pacific, particularly French Polynesia and Hawaii. Beginning this summer, the ship sets off on new worldwide deployments, featuring a Connoisseur's cruise in Alaska, a world cruise in early 2009 and a season of unique Northern Europe sailings next summer. Following the 2009 renaming, Ocean Princess will sail on a series of Asia voyages to be announced separately.

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